Monday, 15 December 2014

the uk application form some details about

you can now apply again for the x factor 2015 uk auditions application form, the application forms are back up online at the website, which takes you through to the registration form at application.xfactor.

it says that filling out the online form is simply and only takes minutes to do, you have two basic options to start with, which is the choice to apply as a soloist or if you are in a group then you choose the group application option, and you need to have a valid email address to be able to apply online as well, which i think nowadays most people already have there own email address, if not it is easy to get one through things like hotmail etc.

the age requirements for applying as a soloist or as a group are the same, you basically need to be 16 years old or over the 30th of april 2015, so do not worry if you are not 16 years old yet, but turn 16 on that date or before, because that means you can still apply to for the x factor 2015.

though if you are not 16 years old on that date next year then you will not be able to apply for next years x factor 2015 uk.

you also have the option of uploading a recent video of you performing as well, though this is not mandatory, it could possible help your application if you do this as well, though it is not mandatory though.

you will need to make sure you read all the terms and conditions when applying for the x factor 2015 auditions, but mostly the process is quite straight forward and not too difficult.

Monday, 24 November 2014

the usa auditions rumoured to be returning to fox tv again?

there are rumours flying around this week that fox tv is considering relaunching the x factor usa 2015 auditions again, it would mean that simon cowell would be quitting the x factor uk again this time after only returning for one more season, and would make a dramatic return to american tv for a 4th season and a relaunched x factor usa.

what gives these rumours some weight, is that there are people saying that the rumours could be coming out of fox tv, who are considering a relaunch of the x factor usa, though it seems strange after the x factor usa failed to be the ratings winner they had originally hoped for.

this rumour looks like it still has a long way to develop, and it is still very early to say either way, but will need to keep a look at this, even though simon cowell has outright dismissed the rumours about a new series and a return of the x factor usa, that is his way of dealing with rumours, things he has said are not going to happen or impossible can sometimes really have some validity to them, even when he outright denies there is anything to these rumours.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

the australian x factor will it return for a new season next year?.

will the x factor australia return back in 2015 some people are wondering, well i think it is probably a sure thing that the x factor australia will be back next year, even though they are not in a 2 year contract like the x factor uk is, i do not see this stopping the return of the australian x factor anytime soon.

there has been no official word from the tv network that airs the x factor australia, but that does not look like it is anything to worry about either.

according to internet rumors what you might see as a big change when it comes to the x factor australia 2015 is a change in the judges, it is rumored that none of the current 4 judges will return for next years season, so along with that i would expect to see a lot of changes to a 2015 series of the x factor australia.

Friday, 24 October 2014

simon cowell talks about end of the x factor usa and hopes of a future return

simon cowell has been talking about the x factor usa, and regrets finishing the x factor usa, he says it was a mistake on both sides to throw the towel in early, and finish the x factor usa.

Friday, 17 October 2014

The UK Live Tour Tickets Go On Sale

There is going to be a X Factor 2015 UK Live Tour, with the Tickets already on Sale

This is going to be taking place in venues/arenas across the united kingdom, ireland, wales and scotland, so all areas of the uk will be covered, the dates and locations for the x factor 2015 live tour

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

the x factor danmark/denmark 2015 auditions

so the auditions for the x factor denmark are currently underway, with auditions taking place in copenhagen just a few days ago, the 3 judges are Line Rafn, Thomas Blackman and Remee, the auditions taking place for the danish x factor are for the upcoming season 8 which will be showing in 2015, from what i can tell this is the only x factor competition for the scandanavian part of the world, so there is also some swedish and norwegians who apply and audition for the x factor denmark.

the structure for the x factor danmark is slightly different to other formats like the uk and usa x factor, with there being only 3 judges on the judging panel instead of 4, though the original series of the uk x factor started out with the format of just 3 judges when the original judging panel was simon cowell, louis walsh and sharon osborne, though the x factor uk soon changed to having 4 judges and has kept that format since, the danish x factor has stayed with the 3 judges and 3 categories format, the categories are going to consist of the over 25's, the under 25's and the groups category.

the new series is expected to have a start date of sometime around the beginning of january or at least starting in the first week of january in the new year 2015, this is the traditional start date for the x factor denmark.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

x factor 2015 auditions uk usa australia denmark new zealand and arab basics

some quick basics if you are thinking of auditioning for the x factor 2015, whether the uk, australian, danish, arab or new zealand competitions, the basics are still the same, when it comes to applying and auditioning, always for example, you will have to go through a first stage auditions process, before x factor producers and not before the judges, as seen on tv.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

x factor 2015 auditions uk nz updates

x factor 2015 auditions updates so news about the upcoming x factor new zealand, it has been confirmed that previous series one judges of x factor nz, melanie blatt (all saints)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

new zealand auditions 2015

it is official the x factor 2015 new zealand nationwide auditions start in october, all the locations and dates have been released, and also new for this year bands can now auditions for x factor nz.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

x factor 2015 africa auditions

one (big) country or continent for that matter that does not seem to have x factor 2015 auditions is africa, out of all the world most areas are covered with the x factor competition here and there, but one place that does not seem to have x factor is one of the biggest land masses africa.

albania and kosovo 2015

albania and kosovo x factor 2015 will be starting back on tv klan in january the first stage auditions have already taken place, so you cannot now register for the albanian/kosovo x factor but at least it is not too long when it will be back on television.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

how to audition for the x factor 2015

there are going to be lots of people apply and auditioning for the x factor 2015 next year, so it is a good idea to know how to audition for the x factor 2015 in advance, at least the basics and some of the things to expect from registering to a singing competition.

there are lots of guides out there online and worth reading to get all the different views, because no one guide is complete and you need to find what suits you or gels with your particular style of singing.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

new zealand, australia and uk x factor's continue

we know that at least 3 major x factor competitions continue into 2015 with the x factor au australia, the x factor nz new zealand and the x factor uk 2015, some people have written the x factor format off after the failure of simon cowell's attempt to conquer the united states with the x factor usa,

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

where to sign up for new series auditions

a lot of people will now be looking for where to sign up for the new series of the x factor 2015 new zealand auditions, which will be season 2 of the show in nz so far, back by popular demand

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

x factor 2015 auditions

x factor 2015 auditions - currently the bootcamp episodes of x factor 2014 are being recorded, cheryl fernandez has been booed by the bootcamp auditions crowd, so a bit of a bumpy start for her return to the x factor uk, which starts back on uk itv tv

Sunday, 3 August 2014

x factor 2015 auditions new zealand

the new series of the x factor 2015 new zealand has been announced by mediaworks with the auditions starting later this year, this second season of x factor nz 2015 had been rumored earlier this year, but it is now official, so far though there are no application forms up on the tv3 website, but i would think it will not be long until they put out the online application forms.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

x factor australia auditions

x-factor-2015, the new series of the x factor australia auditions have started back on 7 television and over the last few weeks have been showing the judges auditions stages, the audition rounds though are now complete, and tonight the show moves onto the super bootcamp rounds.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

x factor 2015 germany auditions

one country it is surprising does not have x factor 2015 auditions is germany, it has been a few years now since they had the x factor, vox tv have not ruled out a return of the x factor in germany in 2014, but the time for that has pretty much run out now.

x factor 2015 philippines auditions

looking to see if there is going to be a x factor 2015 philippines auditions, there was the first x factor philippines back in 2012, and from what i can find online, there is going to be the second season of the filipino x factor starting in 2015.

abs cbn television president charo santos has confirmed that there will be airing in 2015 the second season of x factor philippines with very good ratings predicted, because x factor is/was very popular on filipino television back in 2012.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

judges simon cowell cheryl cole mel b and louis walsh

the judges have been decided for this years x factor 2014 auditions, with the returning home x factor usa judge simon cowell, followed by his old comprades louis walsh and cheryl cole, and a previous guest x factor judge now full time for the x factor uk mel b.

Monday, 9 June 2014

x factor 2015 danmark auditions sign up information

so you can sign up for the x factor 2015 danmark/denmark auditions now on there official x factor website, so the danish x factor tv show starts early in 2015, but the first stage of auditions for it are probably later this year if i remember correct, so there is still some time to apply and sign up but not lots of time.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

judges simon cowell cheryl cole louis walsh and mel b?

looks like the judges, well the judges definitely are these 3 simon cowell, cheryl cole and louis walsh, with the 4th judge shaping up to be mel b aka scary spice of the spice girls fame if you have forgotten.

of course, the media does not just come out and name the 4 panelists even if they knew, because they like to play a guessing game, so at the moment there is a lot of doubt on will it be mel b or not, but other then that, it probably is mel b, and if not, at the moment she is the favorite to be a new x factor judge so might as well go with that really.

and also with her judges role on america's got talent, which just premiered last night on nbc, the got talent shows being part of simon cowell's talent show empire, then she does not have far to go really to transfer from one show onto the next.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

x factor judges

louis walsh is back again this year, for about his 11th year on the x factor uk, along with simon cowell, cheryl cole and they have not decided on the 4th judge yet, but it looks like it might be mel b.

simon cowell is of course the originator for the x factor series which now is all over the world and in many countries now, it did seem like simon cowell was going to be unstoppable with world domination in the form of talent shows, though his american dream of having a successful x factor usa did not work out, but otherwise then that, back into the uk x factor, which is the oldest and most successful of the x factor franchises.

also the longest running, with the longest running judges in the history of the x factor talent competition, simon cowell and louis walsh both judging on the x factor for at least 11 years each, simon cowell just spending some of that time on the x factor usa for a few seasons.

Monday, 28 April 2014

new zealand auditions

some good news it looks like there is a chance that there is going to be x factor 2015 auditions in new zealand, the x factor nz have not ruled out that there will be a series in 2015, probably will be back on the tv3 station.

the show did not run this year, but media works did not rule out that the show would return in 2015, it has just basically taken a years breather.

with these series so far set to come back next year some of the judges for new zealand x factor have been confirmed to return as daniel beddingfield and ruby frost.

it has been announced that judges stan walker and melanie blatt though would not be back for the next series of x factor new zealand.

this year the new judges to replace blatt and walker have been announced as ginny blackmore and australian idol winner guy sebastian.

and look for dominic bowden to return as the host for nz x factor series 2.

just looking on the official website for x factor new zealand at tv3 and there is not way of filling out a application form or registration form on there website, so it looks like you cannot apply yet for the series 2.

but it would probably be later this year when the x factor new zealand application forms go up online, because the audition will probably start early in 2015, looking at when auditions started back at the first series this was in january, so i would look for a similar start date for next years x factor new zealand auditions.

and the application forms went up online for that first series in novemeber, so there is a good chance the same would happen this year also, if you are wondering when you will get the chance to apply.

Friday, 18 April 2014

when are the applications forms released

when are the x factor 2015 audition applications forms released, so this will not be for a while yet, if you are looking for the x factor application forms on line, they are not there yet.

the month they have been released every year has been in december, so nearly 8 months away still, if you are wanting to register and try out for x factor 2015, all you can really focus on at the moment is practicing your singing and stage presence you will need when you do the auditions next year.

watch the current series of x factor when it comes back on tv, and see where you need to be with your performance to do well on the show, see what the x factor judges are looking for this year, and you will have a good idea what they will be looking for next year as well.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

not getting cancelled in the uk renewed until 2016

the x factor uk 2015 is not getting cancelled in the uk, itv have renewed x factor and bgt until 2016.

this was from last year when the contracts for the x factor uk and bgt uk came up for renewal at itv, and they both got 3 years more to there contract, which will see both simon cowell talent shows running at least until 2016.

so if you was looking forward to auditioning for either x factor or bgt 2015 then you have no worries for the next few years because there is still 2 more years left on there contracts.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

being the best for x factor 2015 talent show auditions the basics for getting ready

you want to be the best for your x factor 2015 talent show auditions and the basics for getting ready is where you need to be starting, and these are just a few of the main basics you need when it comes to being ready and having the correct game plan in place.

you first will need to get the right song choices as quick as possible, so that is very important, when you have the right song choices, then you have to put in a lot of time practicing these songs.

when you go to the actual x factor audition have a back story prepared this is not corny either, because, when you watch the x factor auditions the judges always ask the person to say something about themselves and who they are, so you need to have a little speach prepared in advance and rehearsed.

yes your story you tell the judges needs to be true, but you still have to have it prepared in advance, so that you do not fluff it up on the day, so that might need a little practice also, not as much as your singing practice but still a little practice at least to get smooth and easy to repeat.

if you can also take your friends and family along to your audition, this looks really good when you see those kinds of auditions on the x factor, when people have lots of people with them it does look to impress the judges quite a bit.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

what are x factor 2015 auditions and sign up how to some basic ideas on applying

what are x factor 2015 auditions and how to some basic ideas on what is involved, well i know it is difficult to get good info on how auditions and the process works, and i do not mean the televised auditions that are in front of the judges each year.

i am more into looking at what it is like before then, i.e. the 3 sets of auditions (roughly in total) before the producers of the x factor tv programme, aka the first stages of auditions.

first off the start of the process is very simple, basically registration at the x factor website through there application forms process, that is all quite straight forward and easy enough to do.

you can also upload a video as optional in the process, but either way still have all the paper work (online application form) to full out either way.

doing a video just might get you noticed early on and fast tracked i think.

then you basically wait for auditions times to roll around, this is usually the time auditions start are in march, though this year the auditions are starting at a later date, this year the auditions are starting in april, so each year they do start roughly in the march to april time frame.

well, then you go to the audition, now before you go to the audition you will have learnt information from filling out the sign up forms, and also make sure you read through the terms and conditions for registering to the x factor 2015 auditions also, when you go to the auditions and the city you have chosen, if it is a big city especially, be prepared for a long day, and plan accordingly, things like some food and water, spending money, correct clothes for possible weather changes etc.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

look back highlights video of the x factor usa and uk

look back highlights youtube video of the x factor usa and uk, just having a nostalgic look back here through some of the highlights from last years x factor, was some real high points last year, this video is quite well done.

i thought there was a lot of good acts and performances with last years x factor usa was a really good season really.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

only chance of the x factor making it back to the usa in the future

only chance of the x factor making it back to the usa in the future, probably no chance in 2015, but in the future, there might be a slim chance, because the x factor usa is not the first x factor to be canned.

in other countries the x factor has been cancelled but then years later been reinstated, quite a lot of countries have had this happen, for example the x factor first ran in australia in 2005, then was canned for about 5 years, then reinstated in 2010, so it is possible for this to happen.

what usually happens in this case when the x factor makes a return is another tv network runs the show, that is what happened with the x factor australia, it went from network ten to tv7 in australia, so things like this has happened in the past.

though it is probably a slim chance or something in the future, i do not expect to see anything soon or a x factor usa 2015, that would be too soon, but a few years down the line x factor usa might return.

Monday, 24 February 2014

when is the x factor 2015 indonesia auditions and live shows starting?

when is the x factor 2015 indonesia (asia) auditions and live shows starting?, looks like they will be doing audition for the x factor indonesia later this year.

because for last years x factor indonesia the auditions started mid year or so, with the tv show broadcast in december, so look for the x factor indonesia 2015 to actually start on indonesian tv at the end of this year, probably mid to late december, and then continue on into the new year.

it was very successful on the last series so it looks like the series will be getting renewed at the end of this year, just need to be on the look out now for when the audition dates and locations start if you are looking to be auditioning.

Friday, 21 February 2014

will the x factor still be on in 2015 or will the show have ended by then?

will the x factor still be on in 2015 or will the show have ended by then?, yes the x factor will still be running for most countries in 2015.

this is a fact because the the x factor uk still has a contract with itv to do more series of the x factor uk, so that will not be ending anytime soon.

same also applies for the x factor australia which is also in contract for more series of the x factor with the australian tv network 7.

the only big x factor that has finished and won't be about in 2015 is the x factor usa, which was on a year by year contract, and this year that contract was not renewed and so x factor usa judge simon cowell returned back to just the x factor uk instead.

Monday, 17 February 2014

before there was x factor usa auditions people from america used to audition

before there was x factor usa auditions people from america used to audition on the x factor uk, and this was also before the x factor had been franchised to other countries.

i think this year and especially at the x factor 2015 auditions, that we will see quite a few more american's auditioning for the x factor uk, which sometimes they did quite well and got through quite a few of the stages.

was a massive amount of people though who had planned to audition for the x factor usa in 2014 and 2015, but now that the show has been cancelled by fox, i cannot see it ever coming back to the usa, that is basically it for the x factor in the usa, which has left a gap for the people getting ready to audition this year and next year.

Monday, 10 February 2014

no chance to audition in the usa next year as the american show finishes

no chance to audition in the usa next year as the american show finishes, this is really bad news if you had been waiting until the x factor 2015 to audition, it is now confirmed that the x factor usa 2015 auditions will not be happening, neither for the x factor 2014 either, because fox has cancelled the x factor usa.

simon cowell has now left the x factor usa, and has rejoined the judging panel of the x factor uk, so you can still apply and audition for the x factor uk, and other popular x factor shows like the x factor australia, but what was to be the biggest of the x factor competitions the american x factor has been axed after 3 seasons of poor ratings or not meeting the expectations of what fox tv usa had hoped and been promoted to achieve by simon cowell.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

what it is like to audition for x factor and talent shows is it worth the hassle

what it is like to audition for x factor 2015 and talent shows, well if you are a singer and are entertaining the idea of auditioning to something like the x factor, it is always good to find out in advance what it is going to be like and if doing a audition like x factor will be a benefit to your music career.

i have the idea that it can only be a good thing, even if you do not make it far in the contest, you at least will gain lots and lots of valuable experience, and you will also be getting the chance to test yourself out in front of professional judges to get a idea and some much needed feedback on just how talented you really are.

a mean it is only going to be a great adventure either way, so it is part of your life story and something to look back on, so there are some benefits to auditioning even if you do not get far, at least enjoy the experience, and you can only grow and get better from it.

well if you go for the auditions you will probably arrive at a arena or venue somewhere and be surrounded by a sea of screaming people, all being told to say to the camera that they have the x factor.

then you are going to go into a queue and have lots of queuing and waiting around for your turn to audition, so it is not all about the glamour, just your chance to sing in front of judges and show them that you have what it takes!.

Monday, 27 January 2014

will there be a x factor 2015 auditions usa or uk?

will there be a x factor 2015 auditions usa or uk?, the answer for the uk is a YES, because the x factor uk is contracted for a few more years with itv.

but the answer is not so clear when it comes to waiting for the x factor 2015 usa auditions, because the x factor usa is contracted on a yearly basis by fox tv, and they depend the next contracts on how well the previous season had gone.

so really when it comes to the x factor usa, you can only really know each year, when you see the x factor usa put up the applications forms then you know for a fact.

at the moment the x factor usa have no application forms for this years, because the contract has not been reviewed yet, so it is always a waiting game each year to see if the x factor usa continues.

Monday, 13 January 2014

x factor 2015 judges?

x factor 2015 judges, that will most likely be completely different from a year previous, they seem to change now so quickly, for the usa x factor the only judge i would think to be guarenteed in a years time will be simon cowell, other than that, could be anyone. also each season of x factor they always leave until the last minute to let people know just who the judges are going to be either way!.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

who is auditioning for the x factor in 2015 post your comments on here

who is auditioning for the x factor in 2015 post your comments on here, just wondering on who is going to be auditioning in a years time, if you cannot audition in 2014, some people are having to wait until they are old enough to be able to audition, so cannot make it this year to the auditions. post your comments on this blog for people who are going to be auditioning in one years time, tell us how you are preparing are you practicing to get your auditions better, like is it worth just practicing and getting really good at just a few songs a long time in advance?.