Monday, 27 January 2014

will there be a x factor 2015 auditions usa or uk?

will there be a x factor 2015 auditions usa or uk?, the answer for the uk is a YES, because the x factor uk is contracted for a few more years with itv.

but the answer is not so clear when it comes to waiting for the x factor 2015 usa auditions, because the x factor usa is contracted on a yearly basis by fox tv, and they depend the next contracts on how well the previous season had gone.

so really when it comes to the x factor usa, you can only really know each year, when you see the x factor usa put up the applications forms then you know for a fact.

at the moment the x factor usa have no application forms for this years, because the contract has not been reviewed yet, so it is always a waiting game each year to see if the x factor usa continues.

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  1. do you know the number for the x factor u.k? I really want to audition. Thank you.