Tuesday, 25 March 2014

what are x factor 2015 auditions and sign up how to some basic ideas on applying

what are x factor 2015 auditions and how to some basic ideas on what is involved, well i know it is difficult to get good info on how auditions and the process works, and i do not mean the televised auditions that are in front of the judges each year.

i am more into looking at what it is like before then, i.e. the 3 sets of auditions (roughly in total) before the producers of the x factor tv programme, aka the first stages of auditions.

first off the start of the process is very simple, basically registration at the x factor website through there application forms process, that is all quite straight forward and easy enough to do.

you can also upload a video as optional in the process, but either way still have all the paper work (online application form) to full out either way.

doing a video just might get you noticed early on and fast tracked i think.

then you basically wait for auditions times to roll around, this is usually the time auditions start are in march, though this year the auditions are starting at a later date, this year the auditions are starting in april, so each year they do start roughly in the march to april time frame.

well, then you go to the audition, now before you go to the audition you will have learnt information from filling out the sign up forms, and also make sure you read through the terms and conditions for registering to the x factor 2015 auditions also, when you go to the auditions and the city you have chosen, if it is a big city especially, be prepared for a long day, and plan accordingly, things like some food and water, spending money, correct clothes for possible weather changes etc.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

look back highlights video of the x factor usa and uk

look back highlights youtube video of the x factor usa and uk, just having a nostalgic look back here through some of the highlights from last years x factor, was some real high points last year, this video is quite well done.

i thought there was a lot of good acts and performances with last years x factor usa was a really good season really.