Monday, 28 April 2014

new zealand auditions

some good news it looks like there is a chance that there is going to be x factor 2015 auditions in new zealand, the x factor nz have not ruled out that there will be a series in 2015, probably will be back on the tv3 station.

the show did not run this year, but media works did not rule out that the show would return in 2015, it has just basically taken a years breather.

with these series so far set to come back next year some of the judges for new zealand x factor have been confirmed to return as daniel beddingfield and ruby frost.

it has been announced that judges stan walker and melanie blatt though would not be back for the next series of x factor new zealand.

this year the new judges to replace blatt and walker have been announced as ginny blackmore and australian idol winner guy sebastian.

and look for dominic bowden to return as the host for nz x factor series 2.

just looking on the official website for x factor new zealand at tv3 and there is not way of filling out a application form or registration form on there website, so it looks like you cannot apply yet for the series 2.

but it would probably be later this year when the x factor new zealand application forms go up online, because the audition will probably start early in 2015, looking at when auditions started back at the first series this was in january, so i would look for a similar start date for next years x factor new zealand auditions.

and the application forms went up online for that first series in novemeber, so there is a good chance the same would happen this year also, if you are wondering when you will get the chance to apply.

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