Monday, 9 June 2014

x factor 2015 danmark auditions sign up information

so you can sign up for the x factor 2015 danmark/denmark auditions now on there official x factor website, so the danish x factor tv show starts early in 2015, but the first stage of auditions for it are probably later this year if i remember correct, so there is still some time to apply and sign up but not lots of time.

they have the rules that you need to be eligible printed on there website, for example, in the conditions for applying you need to be 15 years of age by february the 1st 2015, so it would seem the age limit for the x factor dk is at 15 years old, so you can audition if you are younger it would seem, so you can probably audition at 14, but need to be 15 by feb the 1st 2015, which is when there live shows probably start.

so it also says that the precasting/auditions will be taking place in aarhus and copenhagen in the autumn, so that would put the auditions or precasting as starting in either the end of september or start of october or thereabouts, and these first stage auditions will be taking place in aarhus and copenhagen, so there is still some time to get in your application forms, but probably you do not want to really leave it too long with it saying that the auditions start in autumn for the danish x factor 2015.

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