Saturday, 28 June 2014

x factor 2015 germany auditions

one country it is surprising does not have x factor 2015 auditions is germany, it has been a few years now since they had the x factor, vox tv have not ruled out a return of the x factor in germany in 2014, but the time for that has pretty much run out now.

so it would be 2015 at the latest that there could be a return of the x factor germany but so far nothing from the german television company about a possible return of the x factor in germany.

just like the x factor usa, for a few years simon cowell was on a very good run of conquering the whole world with the x factor franchise only for a it to fail in recent years slightly, so whether we are slowly starting to see the beginning of the end for x factor singing competition is yet to be seen.

because, even though x factor has gone in some countries it has also started again in others and also made some comebacks in other countries so it is too early to say how popular the x factor is globally just yet, there are many possible markets for the x factor around the world, x factor in africa for one example, or south american x factor competitions like in brazil, also there are european countries where the x factor could make a comeback.

so at the earliest there might be a chance for the x factor to make a comeback in germany in 2015, but it is too late for it to air in germany in 2014 because the auditions would of already need to have been taking place etc, and they have not, so there is still chance that there might be a x factor germany next year though, because vox tv has not ruled out the chance for a possible return for the x factor competition on there station.

it says on the official x factor website for vox tv "all current programs - currently not in program", but if you check there official website there are videos up on there for the previous seasons of the x factor from the auditions and the finals etc.

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  1. Where would I be able to get the application form ? :)