Saturday, 30 August 2014

albania and kosovo 2015

albania and kosovo x factor 2015 will be starting back on tv klan in january the first stage auditions have already taken place, so you cannot now register for the albanian/kosovo x factor but at least it is not too long when it will be back on television.

the start date on television will probably be within the first few weeks of january, and the show is very similar to the uk and usa version of the x factor, and has been running now since 2012.

there are a lot of different x factor competitions around the world, you could say little known versions out there, that fans have never heard of, so on this blog i am trying to highlight some of these lesser known franchises that have branched off from the original uk concept and creation of simon cowell.

it can be good if you are waiting on your countries version of the show to start to check out one of these alternate versions from around the world, you can find videos of the different x factor shows on youtube, not that there is long for this years x factor uk 2014 auditions to start back just one week to go to the start date of the x factor uk.

and for albanian's and kosovo's a few months until the start of next year for there x factor.

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