Saturday, 16 August 2014

new zealand, australia and uk x factor's continue

we know that at least 3 major x factor competitions continue into 2015 with the x factor au australia, the x factor nz new zealand and the x factor uk 2015, some people have written the x factor format off after the failure of simon cowell's attempt to conquer the united states with the x factor usa,
but although this was a major blow to simon cowell's talent show empire, it has not been the end as many people originally predicted.

simon cowell's america's got talent and britain's got talent have been as popular as ever, with a world got talent competition taking place in india, and the x factor being renewed and booked for future seasons in countries like australia and new zealand, there is also the chance of new markets for simon cowell, for example countries or continents like asia and africa, could pose as new regions for the x factor franchise, so even though simon cowell did not crack america, the world might still be on the table for his x factor franchise.