Wednesday, 13 August 2014

where to sign up for new series auditions

a lot of people will now be looking for where to sign up for the new series of the x factor 2015 new zealand auditions, which will be season 2 of the show in nz so far, back by popular demand
after a initial one series run 2 years ago, so whereas the x factor has floundered in countries like the united states with the x factor usa, in some countries like nz the x factor has made a comeback, so it is not over yet for this big simon cowell vehicle, and also signed up for 3 more seasons in the uk, simon cowell is still really riding the waves of success with his global x factor franchise, just need the x factor world competition to put the icing on the cake.

so x factor nz will be starting back in january on new zealand television, but it looks like there will be first stage auditions taking place later this year, but no news on the x factor new zealand website on when and where the auditions will be taking place, and i cannot see any application forms or the option to register up on there website, they have announced the new series of xfactornz but probably have not got everything ready just yet, so still waiting on when the information about the first stage auditions is released.

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