Saturday, 30 August 2014

x factor 2015 africa auditions

one (big) country or continent for that matter that does not seem to have x factor 2015 auditions is africa, out of all the world most areas are covered with the x factor competition here and there, but one place that does not seem to have x factor is one of the biggest land masses africa.

simon cowell will most probably have plans to get x factor to africa, but so far the only real closest competition close would be the x factor arab world/middle east.

other than that and turkey is not really that close, i cannot see any options for people in africa who would want to audition for the x factor in 2015, which is probably a miss by simon cowell, and i could see singing competitions in some of the countries in africa doing really well and being very popular.

simon cowell has plenty of x factor competitions in asia for example seems to not have got his franchise anywhere near africa which is a puzzle really, everywhere else has pretty much been covered with x factor franchises, from places like russia, the usa, middle east, asia, latin america etc, just not anywhere in africa from what i can find.

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