Tuesday, 12 August 2014

x factor 2015 auditions

x factor 2015 auditions - currently the bootcamp episodes of x factor 2014 are being recorded, cheryl fernandez has been booed by the bootcamp auditions crowd, so a bit of a bumpy start for her return to the x factor uk, which starts back on uk itv tv
in a matter of weeks for i think season 11, which is seeing the return of simon cowell and cheryl cole to the judging panel after about 4 years break.

also there is rumors that madonna will be making a surprise appearance this year as one of simon cowell's judges mentors at the judges houses section which will probably be getting filmed in the next week or so, the judges houses follows the bootcamp, where each judge gets given the category they will be judging this year, with there being 4 category's, the over's, the boys, the girls, and the under's.

on one news story about the x factor judges this year it says about the judges categories already, like a very early x factor 2014 spoiler, though it is always better to watch it as it happens so i have not read the spoiler on which x factor judges have got which categories this year, so not posting any x factor spoilers like that either, will have to wait and see what happens in a few weeks time when the new series of x factor starts again this year.

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  1. i would like to join the x factor for 2015 in plamerston north i am 15 years old