Monday, 24 November 2014

the usa auditions rumoured to be returning to fox tv again?

there are rumours flying around this week that fox tv is considering relaunching the x factor usa 2015 auditions again, it would mean that simon cowell would be quitting the x factor uk again this time after only returning for one more season, and would make a dramatic return to american tv for a 4th season and a relaunched x factor usa.

what gives these rumours some weight, is that there are people saying that the rumours could be coming out of fox tv, who are considering a relaunch of the x factor usa, though it seems strange after the x factor usa failed to be the ratings winner they had originally hoped for.

this rumour looks like it still has a long way to develop, and it is still very early to say either way, but will need to keep a look at this, even though simon cowell has outright dismissed the rumours about a new series and a return of the x factor usa, that is his way of dealing with rumours, things he has said are not going to happen or impossible can sometimes really have some validity to them, even when he outright denies there is anything to these rumours.