Thursday, 12 February 2015

After The Auditions Danmark Live Shows Finalists Are Revealed

The X Factor 2015 Auditions Danmark are over for this year and we now have the finalists for the live shows of this years x factor denmark.

So if you have been following the auditions this year on the x factor dk they are very similar to all the other x factor competitions like the same set up that was used for the usa and uk x factor, but when it comes to the live shows, the format is a little different with just 3 judges who have a total of 3 singers each, whereas with shows like the uk there are 4 judges and 4 singers each, so it is a bit more focused in a way on who gets to the live shows, and in some ways can make for a more intense competition.

Because there are less singers and judges, they do not seem to do the double elimination shows like they have done with the uk and usa x factor's, which also seems to make things fairer on the singers that there are not the chance of two acts being voted out in a week.

So these are this years x factor danmark singers and which judging category they are in.

Judge Lina Rafn With the Over 25's Category Singers:

Sophia 25 Years Old From Frederiksberg, originally from Holbaek Denmark.

Nanni 26 Years Old From Randers Denmark.

J├│gvan 25 Years Old From Faroe Islands.

Judge Blackman With the Groups:

Ivarsson, Bang and Neumann.


Finn and Rie.

Judge Remee With the Under 25's Category:

Baraa Qadoura.

Emilie Esther.

Tannaz Hakami.