Sunday, 22 March 2015

the x factor uk 2015 mobile auditions tour rounds dates and cities

don't forget there is the x factor uk mobile auditions tour, there at 3 main ways of applying for x factor 2015 this year, one is online, one is to attend one of the big open auditions locations/venues, and the other is to attend a mobile audition, and this year it is x factor's biggest ever auditions, with more dates and venues then ever before, so lots of ways and chances this year to try out for the show.

the mobile auditions idea came about because the x factor found not everyone who wanted to apply could make it to one of the major cities where the open auditions rounds take place, and so for people in more local and also out of the way areas of the uk, there is the option to go to one of the mobile auditions instead, which cover most of the country.

it is important to note that acts are advised to turn up early to a mobile audition round, because they work on a first come first served basis, unlike open call auditions where everyone gets to auditions, so if the mobile audition tour is in your area, make sure to check and find out how early you need to be there to be near the front of the que, because time is tight and so you do not miss your chance to audition, when the bus moves on to the next location.

so far not all the dates are in for all the locations where x factor mobile auditions are going to be taking place, but 22 of the dates have been announced, here is a list of the cities and dates so far announced for the x factor mobile auditions rounds.

Aberdeen: 30th – 31st March

Skegness: 30th – 31st March

Bradford: 30th March

Huddersfield: 31st March

Dundee: 1st April

Stirling: 2nd April

Sheffield: 1st – 2nd April

Peterborough: 1st April

Northampton: 2nd April

Cambridge: 3rd – 4th April

Middlesborough: 3rd – 4th April

Nottingham: 3rd – 4th April

Scarborough: 5th – 6th April

Norwich: 5th – 6th April

Leicester: 5th – 6th April

York: - 7-8th April

Hull: 9-10th April

Ipswich: 7th – 8th April

Coventry: 7th – 8th April

Oxford: 9th – 10th April

Chelmsford: 9th – 10th April

South End on Sea: 11th April

above are the cities/locations that the dates have been announced for, below is a list of further cities/locations that the x factor uk mobile auditions tour will be visiting, but, just so far no dates announced for these locations as of yet.






Isle of Man


Isle of Wight












Monday, 16 March 2015

trouble with the judges on the new zealand live shows

There has been some big trouble with the judges at the new zealand x factor 2015 live shows, this is probably unheard of in x factor history from any of the contests that take place in the different countries, where 2 of the x factor new zealand 2015 judges have been fired.

so the aptly named x factor new zealand judges natalia kills (real name natalia noemi cappuccini-sinclair)  and her husband willy moon where both fired after giving contestant joe irvine a beyond simon cowell in american idol level of criticsm, so they will be replaced by 2 new judges next week, no guesses yet on who is going to replace them yet though.

Friday, 13 March 2015

auditions dates and locations/cities and venues

The x-factor auditions dates and locations/cities and venues

At Ireland At The Dublin At Croke Park On The 8th and 9th Of April 2015.

At The Newcastle United Football Club On The 11th and 12th Of April 2015.

At The Leeds United Football Club On The 16th and 17th Of April 2015.

At The Birmingham City Football Club On The 18th and 19th Of April 2015.

At Scotland, At The Glasgow Ibrox Stadium On The 23rd and 24th Of April 2015.

At The Liverpool Football Club On The 26th and 27th Of April 2015.

At Wales At The Cardiff Mercure Holland House On The 29th and 30th Of April 2015.

At London At The Emirates Stadium On The 2nd Of May 2015.

At Manchester At The Old Trafford Cricket Ground On The 9th Of May 2015.

Monday, 9 March 2015

the application forms are still open online to register for uk

Do not forget that the x factor uk 2015 application forms are still open online to register at the itv website, so you can still apply for the x factor this year, but, as i said in the previous post, there is no start dates or times for when the auditions will be starting this year.

But it cannot be long now until the dates and locations for this years x factor 2015 is posted online, as of today there is still nothing showing up in online searched about when the open auditions will be starting this year or where they will be taking place.

one thing that is for sure though is that a few locations always stay the same each year, so you know for a fact that some of the auditions this year will take place in london, and you know manchester as well is a perpetual auditions location each year, but other then those 2 uk cities the rest can be rotated and subject to change each year, so will need to wait and see over the next month or few weeks were the auditions will be taking place this year, should not be that far away now.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

the uk open auditions 2015 locations and dates not out yet?

the x factor uk open auditions 2015 locations and dates not out yet?, well i have just spent over 1 hour searching online and i cannot find any information on when and where the open auditions are taking place this year, so it would seem this information is not out there just yet.

i am going to spend a bit more time doing some searches to see if i can find this information anywhere, because we are in march now and that is the time of year that x factor uk usually releases there open auditions locations and dates around march each year, not saying that is when the auditions start, but x factor releases the start dates for auditions in march, so if not online now, i think there is a good chance the info will be online later this month.