Thursday, 12 January 2017

'X Factor Australia' 2016 latest news: Mel B reveals the reason why she loves being part of talent shows

It has been a month since “X Factor Australia” wrapped its latest season, and one of the judges just came clean why she loved her job.

Melanie Brown or Mel B, who mentored this year’s Underdog acts, admitted that she loves doing talent shows. The 41-year-old former member of the 90s hit girl group Spice girls helped “X Factor Australia” contestant Vlado Saric land in third place at the grand finals. His equally young rival Isaiah Firebrace was crowned the winner.

According to Mel, talent shows such as “X Factor Australia” produce new stars, but there’s one more advantage: she can laugh at delusional ones. “You get to watch a star being born,” she told The Guardian during an interview. “You get to laugh your pants off at people who are delusional. You get to be part of a rollercoaster ride with somebody’s life. It’s great.”

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